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About Me

I've been litigating complex business cases and personal injury actions for more than 25 years. In state and federal courts across the United States, in business courts, and even the Delaware Chancery Court. One thing about litigation that is a constant: it presents uncertainty and risk. Even the best cases are subject to both. Unexpected court rulings during motion practice, new evidence, harmful and helpful deposition testimony, the potential for lengthy appeals. Even though clients may not enjoy the prospect of a litigation outcome by way of settlement, one thing is for sure - settlements bring finality and certainty - to all parties. Settlements put you in control of the outcome. I decided to become a mediator because I think my experience as a negotiator brings credibility to our time together.

Put simply, I've been there.

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My Background 


My undergraduate education is from N.C. State  University, where I received a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. My minor was finance. I was elected student body president while I was there, which also taught me many things about people and about how to get things done.


I'm certified as a mediator by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission. But wherever you may be, I can mediate your case. 


My legal background is in litigation. I've been litigating complex business and securities cases, and personal injury actions, for more than 25 years. I have litigated major personal injury actions, such as my representation of the victims of the Nisoor Square massacre against the military contractor known as Blackwater. My academic and work background in finance often proves helpful in cases where accounting or securities are at issue.

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Who I Help

My job as a mediator is to help you and your clients find a way to reach a negotiated resolution. I'm not on anyone's side - even though I may point out strengths and weaknesses in your positions or case.

How I Do It

We've all seen mediators who are just messengers of offers and counteroffers, and who seem to do little else. You can count on me to do more. To hear both sides, to seek to understand why you are in litigation to begin with, and to find out what is keeping the parties from reaching a settlement.

What's in It for You

Mediations are usually one time opportunities - before trial - to meet your adversaries and to hear directly from them. There is no better time or way for you to resolve your case (on your terms, rather than those of a judge or jury). 

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